German WWII


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101441 Fantastic Cloth Covered & Camo Painted M35 GI Souvenir Pick Up Helmet From Vet's Nephew 100% Untouched Size Q66 SOLD$4500

I bought this right from the vet's nephew; who claimed his Uncle was a paratrooper in Normandy, and picked the helmet up there. It's a DD Army M35 period painted around the Army and over the National colors with typical German army dark green paint. Yes, I carefully removed the cover last year when I bought the helmet. The condition of the paint and decal is about 90%, and attractive. The cover is some type if ration sack, I think. It was cut and sewn to fit the helmet. Thick camo paint was period applied. The back bottom has some age damage, but it is otherwise excellent. The liner is original to the helmet and named in 2 places. It looks very cool and will display fine. This is the real thing, don't miss it!

101530 Double Decal SS M35 Volunteer Helmet with Reversed Decals Size ET60     NEW PRICE  $5500

This is from Ken N. @ German Helmets Inc. It's a great DD SS volunteer M35 combat helmet with reversed decals. The SS decal is excellent and looks to be placed over a Navy decal, with the gold wing showing through. The State colors are also excellent. The early green paint is really nice an with an even patina. The correct liner is very solid. The chinstrap is good, but the short end is broken. Yes, I will include a correct replacement one with the helmet. There is an original SS decal applied to the inside of the back flange. It shows honest age and use. Why its there, I do not know. Perhaps its a factory workers test or trial decal on an early Monday morning. This is a great opportunity to own a truly rare 3rd Reich combat helmet at a very reasonable price. It looks really good and would be a cornerstone of any helmet collection.

31603 M40 Single Decal SS Helmet  Size Q64 Complete $4000

This is a solid attractive combat helmet from an old collection. The paint is really nice as is the decal with a good even patina from age, as it should. The liner is a good solid example showing honest use and age but still solid. The strap is original to the helmet but was repaired on the short end years ago. This is a really good and desirable combat helmet which will display very well in your collection.


41568 M40 Single Decal Camo Helmet Named Size EF64 As Found NEW PRICE$995
                                                                                                       This is a good solid camo helmet. The brown camo paint is almost all there, with a good amount of honest patina. The decal is very good, and mostly all there too. The liner is original to the helmet, but dry and missing several fingers. It's an overall attractive original example which will display well.

51586 Rare M18 Double Decal Army Cutout Helmet As Found Untouched SOLD$3200
This is a good honest DD cutout helmet. The finish and decals show honest age, but are still good. The liner is correct with the 1931 stamp in the leather. The strap fittings are a later war replacement. Yes, I did add the chinstrap, which was missing. It's a good match for the helmet. This is the 1st one of these I have had for sale, so don't miss it. 

71586 Army M35 Double Decal Combat Helmet Size ET62 Rough Paint Period Repainted But Still With National Color Insignia As Found Untouched NEW PRICE$1100

This is from the vet's son in Minnesota.  It's a rare variation with the field grey non reflective paint period applied over the apple green factory paint. The rare part is the National color decal, witch was only done for a very short period of time. The decals are very good as is the paint. The 1939 Dated aluminum liner is really excellent and has never been moved or worked on. This is a good looking tough to find helmet! Don't miss it

41426 Army M35 Double Decal Combat Helmet Size Q64 SOLD$1650

This is a good solid combat helmet. The paint is good and original. The decals are very good and a good match to the helmet. The correct liner is very good and solid. The chinstrap is a bit later with a steel buckle but original to the liner.  These have become really pricy, but this one will look good in your collection for not toooo much $$$.


81413 Army M35 DD Refurbished Single Decal Combat Helmet Size 60 100% Untouched As Found NEW PRICE$600

This is right out of the woodwork from the vet's Grand Son. It's a DD Army refurbished as a single decal. The Original apple green paint is underneath as is the National color decal; which you can see under the paint The finish is still nice and green and not turned brown from age.  The WH decal shows age but is still good. The liner is a later liner and correct for a refurbished helmet. Yes, the leather liner and strap are maybe not perfect but excellent+. Every liner  should look like this one! The rivets are tight, and have never been moved. The size is ink stamped onto the back flange, which again, is typical and correct for a refurbished helmet. It's a rare size 60, 100% untouched combat helmet, which will look great in your display.



11527 Army M16 Austrian Transitional Combat Helmet Single Decal Combat Helmet Size 66 NEW PRICE$385

This is a WWI Austria M.16 combat helmet refurbished during WWII in to a single decal Army helmet. It was later period painted again into a no decal combat helmet as per 1943 regulations. The original Heer Eagle is visible under the rough non reflective paint. It shows age and use, but is still very good with a good solid liner. It's a solid WWII example of a combat helmet.


91536 Army M40 Single Decal Combat Helmet Large Size ET66 SOLD$765

This is a solid attractive combat helmet. The paint is still nice and green with a good decal. The liner is really nice and still a tan color. The original strap is very solid but period shortened, which is very common. It's a good looking example which will display very well.

91414 Luftwaffe DD M35 Green Field Div Refurbished Combat Helmet with Rare Subdued Decal Size ET64 NEW PRICE$585

This is a very cool Luftwaffe M35 DD combat helmet, which was period repainted, over the early semi gloss finish with a with a field div. green paint around the later war subdued decal. The correct liner is still very good with only some dry spots at the edge. The inside of the bowl it has several Luftwaffe unit ink stamps and a large 1938 date. It's not the most exciting looking helmet, but the condition is very good and it is a very interesting piece.

71416 M35 Luftwaffe Single Decal Helmet With National Colors Removed Size Q64 As Per 1940 Regs NEW PRICE$585

This is a good honest combat helmet. It shows some age and use but is still good. The finish is good with patina as is the decal. The correct 1938 dated liner is original to the helmet.

101565 Attractive M40 Luftwaffe Combat Helmet size HKP64 SOLD$700
This came form an old collection and is a good looking example. The paint and decal are very good.  The liner is very solid with very nice light colored leather. The strap is full length, and a nice brown correct Luftwaffe color.  It displays well; it's not mint but very nice, and ready for a good home. 

21638 German WWII M42 DD Police Helmet Size 64 $900

This is a good looking example of the M42 combat police helmet. It has excellent rough rexture paint and nice decals. The liner is very good with clean and solid leather. This one will display very well in your collection.

1163 Early WWII Police Helmet Later War Refurbished with War Time Decals SOLD$280

This is an early police helmet with the large Swaz and slanted National color decals, which were later covered with war time decals. Some of the earlier insignias showed, so the crafty Germans just painted over the pieces that showed. It's all original with a nice liner and strap. It's a tough variation to find, and looks nice.

30822 German WWII Tropical Factory Painted M42 Helmet Size ckl66 SOLD$385

There has been much debate over these helmets over the last 15 years. I first discovered these helmets in Prague before the wall came down around 1985. The Germans used Prague as a depot for tropical uniforms and equipment. The Germans had planned great offensives in southern Russia with the goal of eventually linking up with the troops from Africa. These helmets could have been part of the tropical stuff for those planned operations. All these tan helmets, I have observed were always made with German war-time parts and to German specs. Some collectors have made some statements about them being for an order to Egypt after the war, by the Czechs. I am not sure. Perhaps they were rebuilt after the war, but why? In any event it is mint and all German WWII parts. Yes, I have one in my collection too.