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101013 Vet Pick Up Jap 2.5 Power Sniper Rifle Scope Set SOLD$1400

I bought this right from a US WWII 41st div. combat medic vet. He acquired it in Japan after the war. It is 100% original and untouched. The optics are about 90+% clear without any problems or issues. The exterior has great original finish. The original case is excellent with the original strap. Only the front strap is broken. This is a great untouched vet pick up set.

51327 Really Excellent WWII Jap helmet with Very Good Original Cover SOLD$1400

This is a great original piece. The helmet is excellent and 100% untouched. The paint, liner, straps etc are all excellent and without issues. The cover is lightly dirty with several small stains and a little bit mothed on the star. Still, it is original to the helmet and very good. The cover fits perfectly on the helmet and together they display fine.

101429 Good Honest WWII Jap Steel Helmet  SOLD$385

This is a good solid all original helmet with nice paint and correct Army star insignia. The liner is original to the helmet and still solid. It's torn at the back where its stitched together, but overall still solid. Yes, the straps are missing, but they don't show when it's sitting the shelf. 

11544 Good Honest WWII Jap Pith Helmet  $465

This is from an old collection. It shows age and use, but still looks good. The basket woven body is slightly off shape, but still solid. Two of the lining loops holding the band to the shell were hanging loose, and I had my sewing lady professionally fix them. On is missing. The chinstrap is excellent as is the body covering. Overall, its a solid example with just the right amount of "been there appearance" .

91330 Nice WWII Jap Navy Sailor's Cap Size 56 SOLD$265

This is a nice original cap just out of the the woodwork  It shows very light age, and appears to be unissued. It will display very well in your collection.

91347 US WWII Poster Jap Army Uniform & Equipment ID Chart 3X4 Foot Size SOLD$75

This original poster is a hard one to find. It is fragile and torn where it was folded for years. The colors are good and will really display well, but needs to be framed.

91301 WWII Jap Vice Admiral's Flag 50X34 Inch Size $725SOLD

This is a great looking hand sewn cotton flag, right out of the the woodwork in western, VA. It is in really nice condition showing only light age and use.  This is a hard one to find; don't miss it!

71141 Fantastic Russo Japanese War Japanese Officers Uniform Set WWII GI Bring Home SOLD$1500

This is right out of the attic from a vet's estate as found by "picker extraordinaire" E Larry. (See photo gallery)
It is a complete Japanese Captain's uniform from the Russo-Japanese War with all accessories in excellent condition.
The tailored jacket and pants retain all buttons and piping. There are a couple of very small moth holes on coat, a little fraying on the inside collar and on the top of the sleeve piping, a tiny amount of the gold piping has faded.
The hat is in excellent condition with only a little bit of "cracklng" on the visor and it comes in the original box lined with old Japanese newspaper. The only defect is that the box is missing a short piece of the top closing flap.
The fourteen and a half inch red and white dress plumb is still contained in its original card board holder. The two black shoulder cords, gold sword knot and three star shoulder straps with metal storage box are all in excellent condition. The red and white dress sash has only a small tear otherwise it too is in near perfect condition.
This is a rare grouping in beautiful condition as brought home by a returning G. I. for those who collect the best.

11232 Very Nice WWII Jap Type 99 Machine Gun Sight Case with Strap SOLD$325

This is a really nice solid and complete example. The leather is excellent without issues. These are hard to find, and It will look great in your display.

121242 Very Cool WWII Machine Gun AA Sight with Great Markings SOLD$275

This is right out of the woodwork from my buddy E. Larry garage-saler extraordinaire.   It's in excellent condition with a great original blued finish. The lower fitting is spring loaded and functional. The top has great markings. You don't need a WWII Jap machine gun to appreciate this very cool item. It will look excellent in your display.

61572 Rare Jap WWII Machine Gunner's Cloth Ammo Bag/Pouch $325

If This is only the 2nd one of these I have had. It's for the Machine Gunner to carry extra boxed ammo. It's overall very good with excellent solid leather. The canvas is a bit dirty/greasy, but really shows better in person. Yes, I think it could be washed. I only have the one, so don't miss it.

121439 Original WWII Jap Knee Mortar Deactivated SOLD$1185

If you ask any WWII Pacific War vet they will all have stories about the knee mortar.  The Japs were notoriously accurate with these mortars.  It was said they could put a round right in your back packet.  Unlike most mortars of the period, the Japs' mortars were rifled, which was definitely more expensive and time consuming to produce, but made them much more accurate. The Japanese had a serious shortage of everything, and for them it was more advantageous to make a very accurate mortar, and use less projectiles.  The US on the other hand used smooth bore mortars in combination with many projectiles to do the job.  The mortar is in solid original condition, with approximate 70% finish, and an even patina. The numbers appear to be all matching. Everything works, in terms of firing pin and eleavation. It has been deactivated to BATF specs rendering it non-useable with a steel bar welded into the bore, and a hole milled into the high pressure area of the bore approx. the size of the bore.   Overall, it displays really well, and neither the hole nor the welding show from the front. This is a great chance to buy a super souvenir of the Pacific War. 

10141 Early Jap knee Mortar with Level Sight SOLD$1350

This is the early type mortar with the level sight. It is all matched and has good blue mixed with nice patina. It has been correctly deactivated with a hole and bar welded into the muzzle. The cloth cover over the mechanism is missing, which is typical. Overall, it is a good looking honest example, which will display fine.

121326 Jap WWII Hand  Grenade Inert $220SOLD

This is a nice looking example with good original finish. The cap and pin are complete just less the string. It has nice original finish and good even patina. This is a perfect grenade for your Pacific War display.

61419 Jap WWII Army Gasmask with Issue Bag $140

This is the correct Jap Army model gasmask in the standard issue bag. It shows a good amount of age. The rubber shows the 70 years of bring stored in a garage in Clio, Michigan. It will work for a display and show well, but it is a bit on the fragile side.

71561 Jap WWII Hand Grenade Inert $240SOLD

This is a nice looking example with very good original finish. The cap and pin are complete with the string.  It has no issues or problems, and looks really good. This is a perfect grenade for your Pacific War display.

41118 Jap WWII Hand Grenade Inert SOLD$220

This is a nice looking example with good original finish. The cap and pin are complete with the string.  One end of the pin is broken off @ the pip, but is doesn't really show. This is a perfect grenade for your Pacific War display.

101011 Jap WWII Knee Mortar Grenade SOLD$220

This is the correct grenade for your knee mortar. It is in nice condition, but missing the cap & pin assembly. These are a bit hard to find, so don't miss it.

111361 Jap WWII Knee Mortar Shell Inert $180

This is a good looking example, which will display fine.

111362 Jap WWII Knee Mortar Shell Inert $170

This is a good looking example, which will display fine. It has a small hole drilled into one side, but otherwise is very good.


61230 Jap WWII Knee Mortar Shell 1943 Dated SOLD$175

This is a good all original example complete only missing the "bang".

21229 Jap WWII Knee Mortar Shell $130

This one shows honest age, and much of the paint is missing. The fuse pin is a replacement. It has nice original Japanese markings, and will still display well.

41305 WWII Jap Land Mine SOLD$235

This is a real WWII Jap mine and not one of the US training copies.  The body is very solid, but is a bit pushed in on top. It looks good and will display well. These are hard to find and usually do not last ling; don't miss it!

81251 WWII Jap 1/3 KG Ariel Bomb $165

This is nice WWII Pacific souvenir. It's inert and your Mom should not have a problem if you keep it in your room. The end of the tail is a little bent but not broken.

111363 WWII Jap 20 MM Flak Round Inert $80

This is a good honest original example showing age, but still all original and very good.

100927 WWII Japanese Army Bicycle, Really! SOLD$1050

This is the 1st one of these I have ever had. It came out of the Midland, Michigan big antique festival in about 1975. I bought it from the car collector who bought it from the US WWII Vet who sold I there. It has been in the car collector's garage ever since. The condition, I would call good to very good. The original Jap brown paint is very good but with a good amount of patina and some light surface rust.  The mechanics look to be functional. The hand grips look to have been made of wrapped paper with one missing. The rear tire is solid and has nice Japanese markings. The front tire is the inflatable type. Both tires have dried out and are good for display, but not rideable. The rear bumper has what looks like license plate markings and a nice shrapnel hole. The front frame has a nice original Jap army Star decal. Overall, I would call it nice and original, and in very good shape, but dirty from years of storage. This would be a great addition to a Jap WWII display.


41008 Classic WWII Japanese Army Officer's Sword SOLD$885

This is a very good honest WWII piece. The sword has a nice blade, showing only light age and use. The handle is good and solid. The scabbard has the original paint and all the fittings are original. The overall length is 38 inches and the blade is 27 inches from the tip to the guard. This will look great in your Pacific collection.


31017 WWII Japanese Naval Landing Forces Officer's Sword SOLD$775

This is a good looking all original piece. The handle is excellent with no issues with the wrapping. The scabbard is 98% original Jap khaki paint. There are several lights dents @ the bottom end, but are very hard to see, and don't detract. The sword is a nice fit into the scabbard. The blade is very good, without any damage or chips, but it is blemished on most of the area, from years of dirt and finger prints. I think some blade polish and a little elbow grease would help. It really does not detract from the overall look of the piece; as this is a good looking example. You will not be disappointed.


81201 Nice Jap WWII Navy Landing Force Officer's Last Ditch Sword with Matching Numbers As Found $735

This is a really nice looking example and right out of the woodwork. It has never been fixed or worked on. The wooden handle is solid with only a few light chips, which is typical.  The blade is matched to the scabbard and excellent with only period stains and a few chips.  The scabbard is correctly painted the dark khaki brown color. The sword fits very well into the scabbard. It is a good solid example which will display very well.


11035 Classic WWII Japanese Officer's Sword War Time Made SALE PRICE$575

This is a classic WWII Jap officer's sword which shows honest use and some age. The blade is good and solid, as is the scabbard. The handle is solid, but some of the wrapping is missing and shows @ the guard end of the handle. The pin holding the handle to the blade is missing, but easily replaced with a short piece of dowel rod.  If only this one could talk! It has the been there chopped that look. It will display well, and is a great souvenir of the war in the Pacific. The overall length is 37.5 inches.


121124 Good Honest Field Used Jap NCO Sword RESERVED$420

This is a good honest example of a field used Jap NCO sword. The finish shows honest age and use. The blade has some dings and chips, but is still good. The sword fits correctly into the scabbard. I see no numbers  on the blade or scabbard, and I think is just a later one, but definitely the real ting. Thos is a good value for a collector on a budget, but who still wants a "real bin there chopped him" sword.

91038 Nice Japanese Transitional Nambu Holster Set with Cleaning Rod & Extra Firing Pin SOLD$395

This is a good looking hard to find holster with the rubber/cloth body and the leather top. The rubber body is still sold and pliable. The leather is also very good as the pull tab. It includes the original rod and striker, which are both excellent with great original blued finish. This is a nice set, which will be hard to upgrade.

71464 Rare Jap Star Rocker Bayonet SOLD$360

This is a really rare bayonet in excellent condition. The black painted finish is great. It has no issues or problems.

11331 Rare Jap Last Ditch Square Guard Bayonet with a "Small" Issue $90

It's in nice condition and could use a scabbard. Yes, the blade was cut off; it's safer that way. The Pres will approve. This is a rare bayonet, and will display fine in a scabbard.

51218 WWII Jap Leather Nambu Holster $300

This is a very solid holster showing light age and use but without issues or problems. It will display very well in your collection.

31310 WWII Japanese T94 Leather Holster $225SOLD

This is a good honest looking holster. The T94 holsters are a bit harder to find than the Nambu holsters. The leather is very good except where it rotted around the snap from the chemical reaction of leather with brass, which is typical. The rest is very good as is the stitching. It is basically solid and will display very well.

41269 WWII Japanese T14 Nambu Magazines $95 each

Both are in very good functional condition.  The early nickel one (AVAILABLE) has a small ding in the back, but is still fine.  The blued later example (SOLD) is excellent.

21228 WWII Jap Wool Combat Tunic $175

This is a nice solid WWII Jap wool tunic. It shows light honest age and use, but is still in very good condition.  would call it as WWII era Jap medium size.

91332 WWII Japanese Military Armband $80

This is a nice original piece right out of the woodwork. It shows light age and use, but is still very good.

20976 WWII Japanese 1000 Stitch Belt  from USMC Vet 36X6.5 Inch size SOLD$215

This was bought @ a garage sale from a WWII USMC vet last summer in Royal Oak, Michigan. The USMC notebook belonged to the same Marine and is sold separately in my WWII US Misl. section. The belt is in very nice condition showing some age and honest use. The 3 coins are missing, but I think either not a big deal. These are hard to find and not often offered for sale.

71221 Nice WWII Jap Civil Helmet with Excellent Markings SOLD$225

This is a nice looking complete helmet with excellent painted stuff on the inside.  The original finish shows some age, but is still very good.

71222 WWII Jap Civil Helmet $195

This is a good looking helmet, with excellent paint and a nice original badge. The straps are good, but the liner is missing a piece. Still, will display very well in your collection.

61201 WWII Jap Navy Officer's Visor Cap Size 56 SOLD$275

This is a very nice original cap. The wool body is perfect with excellent bullion insignia. The visor is sound, but has a light crease on top. Inside its solid and all there. It will display very well in your collection.


81411 Very Good WWII Jap 6 Power Binos with Case For Use with Trench Periscope $220

This is a really good example with nice optics. The binos are overall very solid showing only very light age and use. The case is also very solid. As you can see both the binos and case have the original strap, which are typically missing.  The eye cups are different, which is designed to be used with a trench periscope or some type of artillery sight. I have seen this before. It's a good looking set with will display really well.

81412 WWII Jap 6 Power Binos with Case $165

This is a good solid example with nice optics. The binos are overall very solid showing only light age and use. The case is also very solid, and fits the glasses well.  It's a good looking set with will display really well.

20708 WWII Jap Grenade                                           $165

This is a good example. It has nice finish, and the cap on top. It is only missing the pin and sting, which a clever guy could make. There is a small hole drilled into the bottom, which is typical when it comes to Jap grenades and ordnance. Yes, it is inert.

10781 Jap Mine Fuse US WWII Training Copy NEW PRICE $15

I just bought a partially complete US WWII Jap ordinance training kit. These are standard Jap mine fuses. They are very accurate US WWII era copies made for the GIs to train with.

110702 Jap Knee Mortar Shell Inert Economy Version $100

This one has been repainted black, but looks like it may have the original paint underneath; and I can see the yellow stripe under the later paint. There is a machine shop clean cut made through the side to render it inert.  The fuse is  nice and original, but without the string and pin. It still displays very well

61208 WWII Jap Calvary Trooper's Ammo Pouch AGAIN AVAILABLE$140

We had a no pay, so here it is again. This is a nice original pouch. The internal divider is missing. One front loop was removed years ago, but it doesn't show. The leather and all the stitching is excellent. These are rare, and it will display really well in your collection.

110621 Jap Nambu T14 Early Cleaning Rod $85

This is a standard item that is carried with the pistol in the holster. It is anon blued early example. It has a very small amount of surface rust, but is still a god example.


11340 Mint WWII Jap Army Standard Issue Canteen $115

OK OK it's just a tiny but under mint, but really excellent and with super nice markings. Good luck trying to upgrade this one.



20977 Jap WWII Army Officer's Canteen $110

This is a good example of the Japanese WWII officer's canteen. The body is named and in nice condition. The strap is complete, but broken in one spot. This cold be easily repaired, but I will leave that up to you. These officer canteens are tough to find.  Overall, it is a good solid example.

10870 Jap WWII Navy Belt Buckle SOLD$95

This is a very nice and honest example. It displays very well, and is one that is hard to find.

706106 WWII Jap Bugle Vet Bring Home RESERVED$135

This is right out of a garage sale north of Detroit. One of my oldest friends found it @ a garage sale for $5. The wife said her husband brought it home form one of the islands, but did not remember which one. It shows age and has some dents. the mouth piece is missing, but is displays well. it is the first one I have had. It has a nice Mum marking with several characters on the front.


10783 Jap Mess Kit Combat Veteran SOLD$50

Just imagine what kinds of Japanese delicacies were consumed from this mess kit, fish heads and rice anyone? This one was found @ a garage sale of a WWII marine vet in St. Clair, Mich.  It shows much use and a good amount of age. It has a nice factory stamp, and would look much nicer cleaned up.

111482 Jap WWII Brass Dog Tag $110

This is a really nice brass example. It was lacquered years ago, which I have seen before.  These were always around in the old days, but have become scarce lately.  

61054 Jap WWII Assault Boat Embroidered Pilot's Breast Insignia 3.5 Inch Size $20 each

These embroidered insignias are mint and unissued. They will look great in your display.

61055 Jap WWII Assault Boat Embroidered Crewman's Breast Insignia 2.5 Inch Size $20 each

These embroidered insignias are mint and unissued. They will look great in your display.

121314 WWII Jap Silk Flag Signed 43x27 Inch Size RESERVED$160

This is a nice original example showing only light age with good bright colors, and is a perfect display piece.

121315 WWII Jap Silk Flag Signed 34x28 Inch Size $140

This is a nice original example showing only light age and several lightly damaged areas, but nothing bad. It has good bright colors, and is a perfect display piece.

30902 Japanese National Cotton Flag Signed 30x27 Inch Size RESERVED$135

This is a classic WWII Pacific war souvenir. It shows some honest age and a few old stains, but displays very well.

20684 Japanese Meatball National Silk Flag Mint $85

This is the classic WWII Jap flag. Every collector should have one! It is just super and has no problems. The corners have gold paper reinforcements for the ties. You will like this one!

206115 Japanese Rifle Plastic Muzzle Cover SOLD$80 Each

I have  2 of these available. Both are perfect without any cracks, and with good working springs. One has green paint, and the other tan, on the front steel pin head. These are always missing, and make your WWII Jap rifle really more attractive. Only one left.

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