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German WWII Insignia

The Luftwaffe


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50816 Super Original Kreta Cuff Title From an Old Collection AGAIN AVAILABLE$315

This is from an old collection accumulated in the 1950s and 1960s. It has been period shortened to fit a tunic sleeve, and measures 13 inches. The back shows very old glue where it was glued into an album, which was typical of the WWII era. It was  stapled onto a board by the collector, and it has a staple mark on each of the lettering. These are hard to see, and really do not detract. The threads are nice and tight and show no fuzz when viewed under magnification. Overall, it is a nice super original example.


101219 Herman Goring Cuff Title Removed From Tunic SOLD$450

This is an attractive example showing light age and use, but no abuse. It will display fine.

111101 Herman Goring Cuff Title SOLD$350

This one was definitely there!  The body has some light mothing on the front, and shows honest age and use, with the ends still sews, but still looks good. If you fear replicas, this is for you.

120904 Rare Luftwaffe Blue Tropical Shoulder Straps Set AGAIN AVAILABLE $275

This is a good looking honest matched set. They do show use and age with some of the yellow cloth covering missing from the piping, on one strap, on one side. You can put that side against the wall. These are a rare set which will look good in your Luft display.


11233 Excellent Tropical Luftwaffe Shoulder Straps Set for Signals $175

This is a great matched set in unissued condition. The backing on the underside is slightly different, but otherwise these are a matched set.

30625 Tropical Luftwaffe Shoulder Straps Set for Signals NEW PRICE$135

This is a pair from my collection, and as we know you can't keep it all. So now it is your turn. They are a perfect pair of un-issued Signals straps for the shirt or tunic. They are not 100% matching, but excellent for a display.


111419 Luftwaffe NCO Flight/Para Shoulder Strap Set $100

This is a really nice original un-messes-with set showing only light honest age, which will display very well.

41214 Luftwaffe Unissued Black Construction Troops Collar Tab Sets $45/Set

All of these sets are excellent and without issues.

81031 Luftwaffe Officer's Signals Collar Tab Set $60

This is a nice original set with no issues or problems.

41216 Unissued & Mint Luftwaffe Officer's FLAK Collar Tab Sets Only Set #1 is still available  $65 Pair

These are from an old collection and unissued & mint.  Please order by number, located next to the set in the photo.

61455 Excellent Luftwaffe General's Pin On Breast Eagle by Assmann $385

This one is the "bomb"; the soft gold wash is just as it should be. The reverse is maker marked and has a solid pin and catch.

31406 Luftwaffe Tropical Herman Meyer Visor Cap Eagle Silk Screened $200

This is the 1st one of these I have seen. I recently showed it to George Petersen AKA Der Mensch Der Luftwaffe. He claimed to have never seen one but definitely liked it. It shows age and use, but still displays well.  I feel guilty selling it, so buy it before I change my mind and keep it.

61221 Excellent Luftwaffe Tropical Tunic Eagle Unissued SOLD$180

These tunic eagles are larger that the shirt eagle and are hard to find like this. It's wonderful and will display really well with your other Luftwaffe stuff.

101005 Luftwaffe Tropical Shirt Eagle SOLD$120

This is a great looking issued piece showing only light age and use. It will look great with our other tropical stuff.

121475 Luftwaffe Tropical Shirt Eagle From Vet's Souvenir Album $85

This is a nice looking example which was glued in the vet's souvenir album. It has been neatly trimmed, but still looks good.  

81032 Luftwaffe Officer's Breast Eagle $110

This is a nice looking original example showing light age and use.


90995 Luftwaffe Breast Eagle Cut Off Tunic with Backing $135

This one still has some of the tunic attached. It looks like it was glued into an album years ago. It is in nice overall condition and a great example.

41021 Luftwaffe Breast Eagle Cut Off Blue Flecked Shirt with Backing $80

This is nicely cut off the issue blue flecked shirt with some of the backing. The condition is very good, without issues.

10866 Luftwaffe Black Wool Cap Eagle Mint $80

This is a perfect LW eagle on black wool. It is unissued and has no problems. These are tough to find eagles.

10760 Luftwaffe Standard Issue Breast Eagle Mint $55

 This is a perfect text-book example. It is mint and perfect.


121033 Luftwaffe Officer's Bullion Cap Eagle SOLD$110

This is a nice looking original example showing light age and use.

81118 Luftwaffe Officer's Bullion Cap Eagle SOLD$80

This one shows age and use, but still displays well.

61456 Luftwaffe Technical Visor Cap Insignia $150

This is a good honest example showing light age

30621 Luftwaffe Trapezoidal Insignia for the M43 Cap SOLD$49

This is for the later war M43 cap. It is machine embroidered on smooth thin wool, and looks to have been on a cap at one time. It is a good example of the insignia.

121132 Luftwaffe Insignia Group As Found $70SOLD

This is right out of the woodwork in Farmington, Michigan. All came from a WWII vet's estate. They show some honest age and use but are 100% real pieces.

81033 Luftwaffe FLAK Sleeve Insignia SOLD$35

This is a good honest example showing light age.

91113 Luftwaffe Specialist Sleeve Insignia $35 Each Top one is sold

Both are very good with paper on the back, from being glued into an album years ago, which was a typical WWII souvenir practice. The gold piped one is sound detection, with one year or experience. The other is range finder.

81034 Black Background Luftwaffe Radar Sleeve Insignia $70

This is a hard one to find. It is in nice condition showing only very light age.

100670 Luftwaffe Signal Patch $35

These are really tough to find. It is in really nice condition, and made on standard Luftwaffe wool. The back shows old glue, from being glued into an album years ago.


20719 Luftwaffe Sports Shirt Eagle $55

This is a standard un-issued sports shirt eagle worn on a tank top type shirt.

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